Neuronal iPSC

Nieweg Lab

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The availability of human induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSC) and the great variety of neural differentiation protocols open new perspectives in the field of disease modelling and pharmacological drug development. We are applying iPSC derived human neural model systems to investigate synaptic mechanisms underlying neurodegenerative and neuropsychiatric phenotypes.

How disease mechanisms, acting at the molecular level of single synapses, affect the activity within human synaptic networks is addressed by the help of multi electrode arrays. Our combinatorial approach will deliver a valuable tool to identify targets in a human background and to screen for molecules that act on human synaptic networks and potentially “cure” disease related synaptic deficits.



  • human iPSC culture
  • small molecule directed neural differentiation
  • immunopanning
  • patch-clamp
  • multi electrode arrays
  • imaging
Selected Publications
  • Leschik J, Eckenstaler R, Nieweg K, Lichtenecker P, Brigadski T, Gottmann K, Leßmann V, Lutz B. (2013) Stably BDNF-GFP expressing embryonic stem cells exhibit a BDNF release-dependent enhancement of neuronal differentiation. J Cell Sci. 2013 Aug 28. [Epub ahead of print]
  • Pielarski KN, van Stegen B, Andreyeva A, Nieweg K, Jüngling K, Redies C, Gottmann K. (2013) Asymmetric N-cadherin expression results in synapse dysfunction, synapse elimination, and axon retraction in cultured mouse neurons. PLoS One 8(1):e54105.
  • Andreyeva A, Nieweg K, Horstmann K, Klapper S, Müller-Schiffmann A, Korth C, Gottmann K.. (2012) C-terminal fragment of N-cadherin accelerates synapse destabilization by amyloid-β. Brain 135(7):2140-54.
  • Nieweg K, Schaller H, Pfrieger FW. (2009) Marked differences in cholesterol synthesis between neurons and glial cells from postnatal rats. J Neurochem. 109(1):125-34.
  • Göritz C, Thiebaut R, Tessier LH, Nieweg K, Moehle C, Buard I, Dupont JL, Schurgers LJ, Schmitz G, Pfrieger FW. (2007) Glia-induced neuronal differentiation by transcriptional regulation. Glia 55(11):1108-22.